We bring together luxury and the Roman goldsmith tradition to celebrate a new born child and the joy of becoming a parent. Ours is a family business.
In this project we have combined the values we believe in: aesthetics, art, tradition, and the importance of new generations.


I grew up in a handicraft lab. My father is a goldsmith; I would spend my days on the stools, playing with precious stones of all colours and different tools, like pincers and files, which in my eyes became animals, or machines or robots. The hacksaw was one of the most fascinating tools with its teeth. I later took another path, focusing on graphic design and communications, keeping a distance from jewellery.

My parents, on the other hand, carried on their artisans’ work, and while the world was changing my father kept going, with his tools and those precious metals that each time would be transformed into something new, new shapes and new possibilities.

Sometimes big changes occur in a short period of time, and the last six years have been marked by major personal developments: meeting my wife, the loss of my mother and the arrival of my two kids shortly thereafter. In 2012 I experienced the loss and the responsibility, the rapid transition from son to father, from pupil to teacher.

My wife is a Ukrainian fashion designer with a great family history of art, music and political activism. Her grandfathers were resistance leaders, her father, who also passed away in recent years, one of the great Ukrainian artists of the 20th century, at odds for years with the regime because of his ideas.

From our different cultures and sensitivities, from the intense experience of welcoming our children and from the feeling of emptiness left by my mother came the decision to continue the family tradition as a tribute to us all.

With my wife we have thought of something that could encompass all of this: family, motherhood, birth, high jewellery memory and tradition. The name, Babyfinger, was inspired by our children, who always sing a song in which the little finger represents the latest born in a hand’s family – the baby.